.thevignette (thevignette) wrote,

kpop awards



Oh my fucking god. I just realised I'm up there for Best Writer. Oh my god.

Thank you to lady_akira for nominating me, and those who voted. Considering the fantastic, excellent, amazing writers in the fandom, I'm amazed that I'm even nominated. (Still in disbelief)

This made my day ♥
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we should thank you, not the other way round.
oh god, you ♥ thank you, again, anyway. i'm incredibly flattered :D
i agreeee. ♥ you're an amazing writer and severely under-appreciated, in my opinion. :)))
thank you ♥ *feels all warm and happy inside*
:/ oh come on. you're fucking phenomenal. :O not like i haven't said that to you 3 trillion times over. >_> XDDDDDDDDDD YOU MORE THAN DESERVE IT, AND THANK YOUUUU FOR BEING IN THIS FANDOM.

also, also.

:l I watched never ending wonderful story again just because you mentioned news in your last post. -_- goddammit. lmfao.

♥ i love youuuu~ :3
if one day i end up with a massive ego, it'll be your fault. i'm glad i'm in this fandom ♥

never ending wonderful story! ♥ i love that dvd.

i love you toooooo