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As of 26 July 2008, this journal is now friends only. Please comment to be added.

I'm a fan of 2PM, Arashi, SNSD, and various other groups. I'm also a huge Harry Potter fan :) It'll be great if we share fandoms! And just a warning - my posts are very random, sporadic and not very interesting. Finally, if you're here for fanfiction, it's all located here at inlightof

I'm too lazy to go back and lock older posts, so they're staying open for now. In the future, I may leave a few posts unlocked but probably not very often, unless I forget.

If you want to be friends/me to add you back, please add me as a friend first, and tell me where you know me from/a few things about yourself? That'd be a good start.

Also, I'll not add empty journals.

24 March 2012: Not adding any journals at the moment, since I no longer spend much time on lj.
the only proof of intimacy


I'll be on hiatus from 30 November to 15 December, because I'll be going on a school trip to Taiwan. No computers and no internet, so I won't be seeing you guys until the 15th.

Also, I'll be moving houses at the end of this year, so I'll probably be really busy, so expect fic updates to be less frequent :\

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I'm going off to Japan for vacation from 13 to 24 November. I'll see you guys when I get back ♥ the flist will be dearly missed.

Also, I'm leaving my address to my flist in my next flocked post :D If you're not on my flist and want my address, leave a comment or pm me.


I went on a hiatus on my fic comm, and exams are in one week's time, so I don't think I'll have the time to update here either. So I'm going on a hiatus, until the exams are over. Which is in two weeks or so.

I'm terribly unprepared for the exams, and I think I've to spend a lot of time catching up :\ so to the flist if I'm not commenting very much, I'm sorry.

Anyway, before I go, I think the awesome!1000 contest at _starcandy needs more votes. So go here and vote if you haven't :D There are 19 entries altogether (two are mine), have fun reading :D Also, I think you have to be a member to vote, so if you haven't, join the comm, because Jaemin is awesome ♥
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I am alive, I swear.

I suck at updating, because I have a boring life, and I am lazy. My fic comm is updated regularly though, because I can't keep away from fandom.

Real life let up for a while, but recently, it's starting to get in the way again. There's a ton of stuff to do and I suspect I'll be really busy soon. But even if I don't update, it doesn't mean I'm gone. I'm here daily to reply to comments and check communities.

To the flist, if I don't comment too often on your journal, please don't hate me.