.thevignette (thevignette) wrote,


I went on a hiatus on my fic comm, and exams are in one week's time, so I don't think I'll have the time to update here either. So I'm going on a hiatus, until the exams are over. Which is in two weeks or so.

I'm terribly unprepared for the exams, and I think I've to spend a lot of time catching up :\ so to the flist if I'm not commenting very much, I'm sorry.

Anyway, before I go, I think the awesome!1000 contest at _starcandy needs more votes. So go here and vote if you haven't :D There are 19 entries altogether (two are mine), have fun reading :D Also, I think you have to be a member to vote, so if you haven't, join the comm, because Jaemin is awesome ♥
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